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The Young - Hope for the World?

By Dr John Sydenham

We have all heard that the young are the hope of the world.  Who would say this and why?

In the UK the world view of teachers is transmitted to their pupils.  Teachers are overwhelmingly supporters of the Labour Party which favours the public sector:

TES 2019 election

And their pupils leave school parroting the attitudes that they have learnt from their teachers:

It is only after a few years of real life that children finally grow up politically and shake off the indoctrination of school.

It is conventional to say that children are "idealists" but since the demise of religion the truth is that they have been trained to be Labour Supporters.  The "ideal" being that if everyone were public sector workers (like teachers) and thought of themselves as working for the good of others (like teachers) and were paid from an apparently free money printing operation (like teachers) the world would be a utopia.  As the graph of voting trends above shows, most people discover during their lives that the indoctrination they received at school was incorrect.

The whole educational establishment has become bent towards a Labour Party view of the world.  This is not surprising because Labour, and especially New Labour, has made penetration of the education sector a priority.  The succesful transformation of the educators has affected what they teach.  As an example the GCSE humanities curricula are  obviously biased (see note below). 

This bias must be corrected.  The humanities curricula for major examinations need to be inspected for bias by a multiparty committee that is representative of political opinion in the country.

Teachers have made the educational profession extremely difficult for themselves so that it is unattractive for older people.  However, government might attempt to make it more hospitable for the over 40s.  They could provide preferential access for retiring armed forces personnel etc. to redress the political imbalance.  A political profile of the teaching profession that represents the profile of the country at large should be an important factor in government policy.  It is absurd that children need 15 years to throw off their indoctrination and understand the truth about society.

The education system is successfully indoctrinating the young but there is a new, powerful source of indoctrination: social media and mainstream media.  The release of mainstream media from fairness policies in the UK and USA in the 1990s and 2000s has produced a strongly corporate coverage of news and current affairs.  The coverage is so strong that those without experience of the workplace and life just assume that "no borders, free trade, free movement of labour" are obviously right, indeed, should be "Rights".  More experienced people know that these are the demands of the multinational corporations that control the mainstream media.

The mainstream media are a serious hazard to our democracies.

The most shocking opinion poll that I read over the past year was by Roberto Stefan Foa and Yascha Mounk in the Journal of Democracy 2016.  It shows that in 2011, only 30% of those aged between 20 and 30 years of age (ie: born in the 1980s at the time of the study) thought that democracy was essential .

This fall in confidence in democracy shows a shocking failure among educators to cover the evil of Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot etc.  Teachers should know that there is no alternative to asking the people at regular intervals whether their government is tolerable.  This loss of faith in democracy also shows how the media have dislodged people's confidence in the system.

Young adults also believe that views that might offend other people should not be expressed:

Again this desire to suppress free speech has come straight out of the Labour Party and transmitted through teachers.    The YouGov poll that provided the data above found that 57% of Britons had avoided letting their political opinions be known because of the reaction they would get (from young and Labour voters).  Democracy cannot survive without free speech.

The main topics that were leading to the suppression of free speech were centred around migration.  The over-population due to migration is a major cause of the problems facing young British voters but they seem to deserve being unable to find jobs or homes because they are very keen supporters of migration.  The young British are turkeys voting for Xmas.

It is an essential role of the mainstream media and educational establishment in a democracy to defend democracy.  The young adults who have been indoctrinated with anti-democratic sentiments are a curse to our society, not a hope.

This is no joke, without action to redress the political bias in the education system and re-impose fairness regulations on the media we could lose democracy.

The mainstream media are seriously damaging the diversity of the world with their corporate and globalist cry of "no borders, free trade, free movement of labour".  This is racist. The crowning glory of human civilisation is its diversity nurtured by borders yet it is commonplace even for pop groups to issue the corporate rallying cry of  "no borders".  The young seem unaware that without borders there will be no diversity.  The young fans also seem totally unaware of the problems that doubling the population of the UK over the next century because of "no borders" would create.  Problems ranging from the extermination of wildlife to sky-high property prices (See Effect of Population Growth on the UK).  The mainstream media has completely suppressed any coverage of these problems.

The young are the "great hope" for those who indoctrinate the young, not for the world.  Those who indoctrinate the young are public sector workers and big business: the Corporatists.  They are the people who created overpopulation, global warming, ecological crisis, mass migration etc. (See Climate Change and the Ecological Crisis ).  They must be stopped from indoctrinating the young and turning them into their hope for their globalised world.

The GCSE Curriculum

The AQA GCSE Geography curriculum is a good example of victim orientation.  The section on Urbanisation could be about the synergy between universities and science parks, the need to provide freight access to industrial areas, the rise of out of town shopping and the disparity in rates etc between out of town and town centre business, the synergy between the arts and town centre business etc. etc.  Instead it is about migration, squatters, crime, access to services etc.  The section on the Changing Economic World could be about the adoption of measures against corruption and the consequent growth of non-Western economies, the stimulation and protection of local industry, the provision of local skilled employees, local banks and the improvement of capital supply etc.  Instead it is about international trade, migration, international aid, the north south divide etc.   In other words children are being taught an Internationalist Socialist manifesto in the guise of geography.

In the AQA History curriculum there are many options for what is learnt.  If we take America 1920-1973 "Opportunity and Inequality" even the title of the choice is socialist.  It has nothing about how the USA relinquished all of its military conquests and set the stage for the dominance of democracy post war, had nothing about Bretton Woods, the UN and the setting up of the EU by the USA by Marshall (and Bevin) or the US military umbrella that saved the world from communism.  Instead it focuses on income differences and racism.  The whole option is Internationalist Socialist indoctrination.  It is the same in the other options, for instance the total absence of any role for Italian fascism, which was not created by Western reparations etc., in the rise of Nazism.  This playing down of fascism as a pan European movement before Hitler is a classic socialist treatment of history (largely because Mussolini was a leader of the far left Italian Socialist Party before becoming Il Duce).


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