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The Effect of Women

As women entered the workforce there were enormous changes. Many of these changes had a dramatic effect on male lives and children.

UK History since 1966

It started with a battle between the workers and industry and ended with a battle between the governing classes and the People.

Historical Maps

Detailed historical maps of the UK are now available online. The earliest Ordnance Survey maps and maps marked up with historical sites and finds are there for a click.
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Transatlantic Slavery

A Short History of transatlantic slavery from the trade in Africa to Abolition.
Anglo-Saxon art

The Mysteries of British History

The idea that the Britons were wiped out by the Anglo-Saxons is taught in schools but is it true? Were the Normans not just invaders but cultural revolutionaries?
Devon lane

Devon: A Bronze Age Landscape?

The landscape of Devon is continuous with the BRonze Age field boundaries found on Dartmoor. So how old is the Devon landscape?
Axis Powers

Brexit: The True Story

The true history of Brexit from the foundation of the EU to why the UK left it. How Remain almost won the EU Referendum and the possibility of rejoining the EU..