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The fall of the West is the end of Xmas.

By John Sydenham

Pope Francis has just compared the EU to a Nazi dictatorship for preparing to issue a booklet on "acceptable" language.  In this booklet EU staff were instructed to obey hundreds of injunctions on acceptable language including using "holiday period" rather than "Xmas".  The Pope warned the EU not to "take the path of ideological colonisation".

Many educated British people approve of "acceptable language" and cannot see why the Pope has a problem.  They seem unaware that suppressing free speech is the path to tyranny or that the Nazis were strongly supported by the educated middle classes.  This is not surprising because the mass media in the UK have always blamed the uncouth working classes for the rise of Nazism: in the UK class prejudice trumps truth.  The real story of the rise of Nazism is very different from the mass media assumptions.  Students and the middle classes were avid supporters of the Nazis:

National Socialism is on the rise again.  The Pope is right.  In the West this is manifest as wokeism.  Repression and control is increasing.

The Pope is also right about "ideological colonisation".  He knows that Anglo-American wokeism is reviled in most of the world.  Despite this the Western educated elite believe that they are the sole guardians of moral behaviour. 

The West claims it is adopting a rational, moral position. This claim is peculiar.  Challenge the Western elite on their morality and none of them can identify any real basis for it.  Western secular morality would have died out were it not for the fact that the Christian West was all-powerful after WWII and we have inherited their Empire.  At its birth the West was widely respected as not just the most powerful force in the world but also a moral force based in tolerant Christian values (rather than the intolerant Christian values).  How did the West lose the respect of the world?

The West was born at the end of the Second World War when the Western Allies (USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, British Commonwealth) controlled a vast army, navy and airforce and had nuclear weapons.  The West had defacto control of most of the world except Eastern Europe, the Soviet Union and China.

Within 12 years the Western Allies established the World Order of the UN, GATT (WTO), OECD, IMF, EEC (EU), World Bank etc.  that has dominated all of our lives ever since.  The Western Allies became the rather ill defined "West".

The Western Empire is now in decay.  Empires rot from within.  Perhaps it is the hubris of being at the apogee of power that provides the seed of the rot.  This hubris means that the generation that never fought for the empire believe that power and security is their birthright and their rule will be eternal.  Ideas like running a "disciplined" society that sets a "moral example" seem oppressive and unnecessary to those who feel totally secure. This transition from readiness for conflict to comfortable superiority seems to happen to all empires from the Macedonian Empire to the Soviet Empire.  When the rot begins the external enemies feed it, knowing that as the empire decays their turn will come.  Once the Empire loses its moral authority and cohesion it loses its allies and falls. Historians used to call this "moral decay" but it looks like progress to those inside it.

The current hubris of the West is breathtaking.  Having travelled to much of the world it is obvious that the billion people who regard themselves as natives of the West are a small minority of the global population and have lost their technological and financial edge over the rest of the world.  Yet when I return home the mass media and even the social media portray the world as Western dominated or as eagerly awaiting to be Western dominated.  The populations in the West believe that all "rational people" accept the Western way of life so it is only a matter of time before the whole world accepts Western power.  

However, the rest of the world tends to have a dim view of the West.  The graphic below compares how Westerners view themselves with how the world views the West:

The ordinary people in the West have an arrogance about their power and the capacity of their social system to accept continuous dismantlement that is profoundly shocking to outsiders. 

Western wokeism is viewed by the educated elite in the USA or UK as our special gift to the world.  How does the rest of the world see this? They see it as moral decay.  In twenty years the West has slid from moral leader to pariah in many countries.

Wokeism would be of little consequence if the West was still far more powerful than its enemies.  Unfortunately these days are gone.  The rapid rise of the power of China is similar in speed to the rise of the Third Reich in the 1930s. The Western media have still not realised what has happened over the past 20 years. We now have a multipolar world with China, Russia and the USA  able to hold their own on the international stage.

China and Russia believe that the only ID a person needs is to be Chinese or Russian.  In China gays are being re-educated and sacked. In Russia gays are being suppressed.  Racism is rife in Russia where a single advertisement featuring a black man recently led to a storm of protest.  Compare this with the UK or USA where advertisements with black actors are routinely used to engineer acceptance of the black population.  Africans were thrown out onto the street in China when it was rumoured that they carried COVID. This sounds bad to Westerners but Russia and China are relative paragons of Western-style tolerance compared with much of the rest of the world.

Many wokeists will be thinking that this is all good, that there is clear blue water between the ID politics of the West and the backward world beyond. However, the "West" is becoming split on wokeism. The Academic and Corporate Elite in the Anglosphere support it but the populations of these countries are strongly divided.  Outside of the Anglosphere even fairly "woke" countries like France are not keen supporters.  President Macron recently blamed the USA for the "racialisation" of politics and French intellectuals are deeply concerned about the no-platforming emanating from the UK and USA.  The French press are treating wokeism as the suicide of the American Empire:

Wokeism looks like national suicide even from France.

The "moral decay" of the West is being nurtured by competing powers.  As an example China launched a tirade of condemnation of the USA for moral failings at the Anchorage meeting with Joe Biden.  The intention was to stir up trouble in America and gain support from other nations.  BLM, the Black Liberation Movement, also known as Black Lives Matter, is a Maoist organisation that is probably the most successful Chinese attack on the West.  In an echo of the Maoist Cultural Revolution of the 1960s BLM even introduced communal bowing to their cause and were supported by the Mass Media.

The outcome of "wokeism" is unpredictable.  It may just "blow over" but the Western mass media love it so this is unlikely.  It may turn into a form of Nazism without the racism but this is unlikely to happen without civil unrest.  It may lead to tighter controls on staffing of the mass media, wokeism is largely a mass media movement due to woke staff and could be easily stopped in National Broadcasters such as the BBC.  The most likely outcome is that the damage has already been accomplished and the 6000 million non-Westerners now regard the West as evil and will prefer to be allies of Russia and/or China.  The recent arms deal between India and Russia, the Germans telling the US to forgo sanctions on Nordstream 2, the Islamisation of Turkey, the condemnation by the Pope and the defeat of Western interests in the Middle East are signs of how the West has committed suicide.

Meanwhile the hubris of the mass media in the Anglosphere will continue but no-one outside of this group will be listening.

Wokeism is the culmination of the rise and rise of the Postmarxist Mass Media and the focus on imposing equality.  This has changed the West and has probably changed it permanently.  Fifty years ago the news and current affairs were presented by serious, middle aged, white men in suits whereas now they are presented by panicky reporters from any style.  Fifty years ago the news would show graphs of the "balance of payments" and attempt to explain the effects of rising debt whereas now  it has a Punch and Judy show between publicity seeking economists of any style or political persuasion.  The Mass Media represent all views as equal and scour the planet for victims in the hunt for equality.  They have led us into the "Ideological Desert" where no real countries can exist.

When the bullets start flying will the West stand or run?  President Biden has already set the tone by promising that NATO will not commit forces if the Russians invade Eastern Ukraine.  If the "West" will not defend Ukraine there is little chance that it will oppose the conquest of Taiwan by China, subsequent annexation of the vast South China Sea and hence progressive control of the global economy.  In preparation for these world shattering events the UK Media are covering racism in Scottish cricket.  See Will China Win?

The greatest tragedy in these events is that within 50 years democracy will be lost to the world for another millennium or two, as it was lost after the fall of Republican Rome.  What then of wokeism? 


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