Culture Wars

By Dr John Sydenham.

The culture of a country was once passed down through the generations and reinforced by the national religion and education.  This has changed.   In the twentieth century radios, books, magazines and newspapers propagated the latest fashions, music, attitudes, politics and arts and by the end of the century the population was spending hours a day watching television, absorbing culture.  At the same time a dramatic increase in broadcast advertising influenced attitudes to lifestyle and consumption.

The rise of the giant Social Media Corporations in the 21st century has dramatically increased media control of culture with users being split into groups that are fed upon by large Corporations that use lifestyle targeting and advertising to make money.

If the media ignores a cultural event it will usually peter out - ask any struggling artist or new political party.  Movements about minorities such as those that are the focus of the Culture Wars stand no chance of propagating in society without media support.  This gives the mainstream media tremendous power which, until twenty to thirty years ago, was limited by most governments.

In the past broadcasting had been closely controlled by law in the USA and UK.  However, from the 1990s the broadcasters managed to overthrow the last of these controls.

In the UK, until 2007, the BBC Charters placed the BBC under fairly tight government control.  In 2007 the broadcasting councils were removed and a new structure imposed which included Ofcom as the overseer of BBC bias and content. Ofcom is famously ineffectual, it even has a shocking Trustpilot rating of 1.5 stars. Unfortunately the 2007 Charter was very weak on fairness and there was nothing but Ofcom to stop bias.  Ofcom also regulates the private sector broadcasters. 

A similar pattern of deregulation happened in the USA.  The USA had the 1949 "Fairness Doctrine" which obliged broadcasters to present fair and balanced coverage of controversial issues of interest to their communities.  In 1987 the Federal Communications Commission ended the Fairness Doctrine and all of its provisions had gone by 2011.

In 1996, in the USA, Congress passed the Telecommunications Act Section 230 which gave Internet companies the power to provide "platforms" where they could censor online content but not be held responsible for that content. In practice a handful of US billionaires became authorised to operate "platforms" such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.  These have escaped most of the controls that were evolved to deal with traditional media.  Astonishingly the UK and EU adopted the US approach without question.

It might be assumed that the deregulation would produce a media that was representative of the People.  This did not happen. This is very evident from recent opinion polling in the USA:

Source: Gallup Poll Sept 2020 

This division between the media and the people is also becoming evident in the UK.  The BBC is trading on its pre-2007 reputation for fairness but this is now wearing thin:

Source: YouGOV Poll Dec 2019 

Only LibDem voters are unaware of what is happening because BBC attitudes are their attitudes.  If the media does not represent the people who does it represent?  Who is controlling it?

Since deregulation it is obvious that something strange is occurring.  Every day the mainstream media covers news about racism and gender.   In the UK the political battles over rights for minorities were won years ago and if someone has a complaint about racial or sexual harassment, especially harassment at work, there is a well oiled legal machinery to deal with it.  Yet the mainstream media treats these events as headline news.   Had the media still been regulated the authorities would certainly have begun to ask questions about media bias by now and be wondering whether the focus on sexual orientation and race were motivated by something other than a desire for fair reporting.

This sounds like a spurious charge against the media. Surely racism, homophobia etc. are major problems in the UK, surely the media are not just exploiting these as weapons for their own advantage. How big a problem is racism and gender in the UK?

A very small percentage of the population is gay, lesbian or bisexual:

Only one in 60 people identify as gay or lesbian.  Most people have no idea that there are so few gays and lesbians.  You can check these figures at the ONS publication "Sexual Orientation in the UK".   The media have convinced most people that the figure is one in five or one in ten, however, if you ask them about how many gay people were in their school or are at their workplace it suddenly occurs to them that the ONS are correct, they start to recall that there were two or three gay people in a sixth form of 180 pupils etc..

Most people in the UK have accepted equal rights for gay, lesbian and bisexual people and the law guarantees these rights.  There is no issue.

Hard though it may be for Londoners to believe, a very small percentage of the population of England and Wales is black, where black means being of black African or black Caribbean origin. "Amongst the 56 million residents in England and Wales, 86% were White, 8% were Asian/Asian British and 3% were Black/African/Caribbean/Black British." (2011 census).  
2011 Census Data

Within the black population only about a sixth have ancestors who underwent slavery in the British Empire over 200 years or more ago because less than a third of Black British come from places where slavery was practiced and many Caribbean black people were resettled slaves freed by the British from elsewhere.  About half of the UK black population are of Nigerian origin and may descend from those who captured and sold the slaves who were transported to the New World but the "Culture Wars" portray all black people  as victims of slavery. 

Most people in the UK have accepted equal rights for black people.  The UK is now a paragon of equality compared with other countries:

US Source  On the prevalence of racial discrimination in the United States . EU Source: Second European Union Minorities and Discrimination Survey: Being Black in the EU.

So we have this apparently huge "Culture War" about a small number of people whose equal rights have already been mostly settled by law.  This means that the "Culture War" cannot be about the minorities that it claims to be about.  

There can be no doubt at all that, in the UK, the mass media are using race and gender for their own purposes.  They have deliberately created and inflamed a "Culture War".

The key to this is that gender, race, religion etc. are about the power of words and words are the power of the media.

It is clear that murder, raping, maiming, enslaving, armed robbery etc. etc. are morally worse than racist speech and gender issues and that a whole raft of laws have been put in place to tackle discrimination and these laws have been successful in the UK.  The Mainstream Media and Social Media Giants are not interested in the politics of racism or gender, their only interest in these things is that they are superb weapons for damning opponents and diverting debate.  The real debate could be about international trade or customs policy but if an "ism" can be found to damn opponents or divert attention the debate can be avoided and the opponent defeated, whatever the truth of the debate. 

Politicians dare not tackle the media about this because the media will turn on them and use any Culture War weapons that they can find.  The Culture War can be used by the media to attack individuals but it's real power is to divert debate and attention.

Notice the explosion of coverage of racism at Yorkshire Cricket Club to distract everyone from COP26.  A similar feeding frenzy occurred immediatedly after the Euros final in 2020. Twitter reported that only 0.04% of 11 million tweets about football in the UK had racist content.  Racism is clearly not a problem in the UK but the Internationalist mainstream media were determined to attack the national sentiment elicited by England being in the Euros final by creating a Culture War frenzy.  At the end of this frenzy the superb performance of England had been tarnished beyond recovery.

Journalists, script writers and programme editors produce articles and programs to satisfy media management.  This means they treat racism and sexism etc. as major issues, when, as demonstrated above, this is not the case.  Zero hours contracts, low wages, high house prices, sky high rental prices, the loss of NHS staff over the past 10 years, lack of retraining opportunities, sustainability, global warming etc. are all real issues that are being edged out of coverage by the mainstream media in their "Culture Wars".

So who is financing and controlling the journalists etc?  Perhaps it is worth pointing out that the UK is always pilloried for racism.  A clue to who is launching the Culture Wars lies in the fact that the EU is never mentioned when direct experience of racial discrimination is almost as high in the EU as in the US and the UK is a relative paragon:

US Source: Harvard https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/news/press-releases/black-americans-discrimination-work-police/

What group of people wishes to undermine the confidence of British citizens in British society and wants to protect the EU from criticism?   It is the Corporate Elite who want open borders with free movement of labour,  goods and money. 

The Corporate Elite, who consist of the super rich plus large Corporations and their servants, increased their power throughout the twentieth century.  The Multinational Corporations and their Media lobbied heavily for the establishment of transnational organisations such as the World Trade Organisation, World Bank etc. They lobbied for International Trade agreements such as the Common Market, NAFTA, EFTA etc. They pressed for the development and "Westernisation" of what was then the "third world".  They deregulated banking and finance. They even founded third parties to campaign against organisations that were alerting the world to global warming. 

It is amazing that even to this day the Corporations are demonstrating the power of their media by ensuring that the truth is not being told about the role of their Global Climate Coalition (GCC) in stopping action on climate change for 15 - 20 years.  The role of the Multinational Corporations in delaying action on climate change has been covered up by a clever campaign of diverting our attention.  In 2021 the BBC even made a television documentary and subsequent radio series called "Climategate" to divert attention from the GCC.  It exonerated the Multinational Corporations and blamed "lone wolfs" for opposing the science of global warming. 

Corporate opposition to the science of climate change is alive and well with hundreds of Corporate and Fossil Fuel lobbyists having preferential access at COP26.

Perhaps the most extreme example of corporate power over the media was the reaction to the Financial Crisis when, despite abundant evidence that frauds had been committed on an epic scale, the Mainstream Media quietly moved on to other subjects and focused on the "Culture Wars".  Internationalism had failed and the Mainstream Media simply returned to its all-out attack on locality and nation on behalf of the Internationalists.

Multinational Corporations want no borders with free movement of labour, goods and money.  They want to hire staff with the appropriate qualifications without having to get involved in training programmes in the UK.  Free migration is at the top of the Multinational Corporate agenda.

Unfortunately migration has become central to all of the problems facing the UK today (if you think this is racist check the link).  The transfer of 600,000 people a year from mostly poorer countries to the UK is probably the biggest single source of increases in UK greenhouse gas emissions. Population growth in the UK is almost entirely due to migration and it results in the UK population increasingly exceeding its sustainability limits (the UK can only feed about 45m people from its own resources), it increases rental and hence property prices and creates a barrier to real wage growth.  It overburdens the NHS and education system.  But just look at how easily the Corporate Elite can sweep aside all of these problems.  They need only maintain that all these facts are the ideas of racists.  They can use the fake morality of ID politics and the Culture Wars to declare whole areas of the national political debate to be racist where it impacts international affairs.  This is the greatest prize that they have won through the Culture Wars.  The Internationalists think they have a weapon that they can use to break countries.

The Corporate Media will attempt to defend itself by ensnaring their detractors in the details of particular news events or political movements but the truth is blindingly obvious.  As was pointed out above, the media are behind every story in the media.  The Corporate Media controls our culture and its objective is wealth and power.  Any detailed discussion about the content of programming or social media sites is a distraction: since deregulation they operate all the levers that control who is heard or not heard. 

This is the Culture War and the Corporate Elite are winning.  Ordinary British people used to have a Labour Party that defended them against the super rich and Corporate Elite but now working people have been left out in the cold.  Now even our television adverts exclude the ordinary British (WPP, the agency that commissions most adverts is fanatically against UK independence, its previous CEO, Martin Sorrel, was a key Bilderberg Group member and helped set up the "People's Vote Campaign"). The Internationalists have put Keir Starmer (Trilateral Commission member) in charge of Labour and Joe Biden (historical member of Council on Foreign Relations) in charge of the USA.

It is not just the Multinational Corporations who are revelling in the diversion of politics away from reality to ID politics.  The main foot soldiers of this movement are the Postmarxists, whose internationalist agenda meshes with that of the Multinational Corporations and who have been selected to be mouthpieces for ID politics in their fantasy "Culture War".

For most of the twentieth century the Multinationals and Corporate Elite saw the Far Left as their enemy but since 1989 the Far Left have abandoned the class war in favour of ID politics (postmarxism/ postmodernism/ poststructuralism). Slowly the Corporate Elite identified the Far Left as potential foot soldiers and are now openly funding them.  This is not a conspiracy theory, it is the open truth, but the media are suppressing it.

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) Movement was founded in 2013 and is a good example of Far Left synergy with Multinational Corporations.  The three founders of BLM are Maoist activists, check the links given here to view their biographies: Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi.

The Corporate Media has been careful to hide the affiliations of the BLM founders, Cullors said: “Myself and Alicia [Garza] in particular are trained organizers. We are trained Marxists. We are super-versed on ideological theories.”  BLM was renamed from "Black Lives Matter" back to the "Black Liberation Movement" in October 2020.  Taking the knee is behaviour taken from a previous Culture War and is a classic Maoist technique of pressuring people into allegiance:

Taking the Knee in the Maoist Cultural Revolution

The young adults who participated in the Cultural Revolution removed most of China's historic buildings and artefacts during their fit of self-righteousness.  This is a tragedy for China.

The Black Liberation Movement (BLM) and its various spin-offs now get much of their money from the Ford, Kellogg, Hewlett and Rockefeller Foundations, Borealis Philanthropy and Soros foundations. The funding amounts to over a hundred million dollars (See Washington Times ). A lot of the funding and preparation occurred before the 2019 BLM riots in the USA. Not a bad income for organisations dedicated to the overthrow of the current US State.

The Ford and Rockefeller Foundations used to run finance operations for the CIA (see for instance clearance of CIA documents from Rockefeller storage) and helped project Western soft power; why have they switched to funding organisations that appear dedicated to radical change in US politics and even the overthrow of the US Government?

The Ford and Rockefeller Foundations who fund BLM were also central to the finance of the "European Movement", the shady organisation that led the campaign to create the EU (See Surprise! Surprise! The EU was invented by the USA).  Rockefeller also created the Trilateral Commission , a pressure group of Japanese, European and US bankers, academics and CEOS, and was involved in establishing the Bilderberg Group (UK, EU and US Corporate Elite).  Soros funded the "People's Vote" campaign, the abortive attempt to overthrow the EU Referendum in the UK.  These are unlikely organisations to be financing Maoist groups like BLM etc.

This financing of a Maoist group allied to China by capitalist Foundations is breathtaking.  It shows that capitalism has broken its connection with democracy.  In the Culture Wars the new Far Left and the Corporate Elite and their media are firm allies against the People.  The objective of the Corporate Elite is no borders, free movement of finance, resources, goods and labour and the consequent transfer of trade and wealth to Multinational Corporations. This coincides with the agenda of China which runs the Maoist groups and wishes to weaken national allegiances in the West.

Multinationals are in China's sights as natural allies in the rise of China's power:  "In 2013 China launched the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) which is the new impetus that China has injected into the globalization process. This unprecedented infrastructure-led initiative not only will boost the developing world, but will also provide new opportunities for multinationals in the developed world to jointly participate this twenty-first century new globalization drive." (Center for China and Globalization - a Chinese Government Agency)

The conclusion that the Culture Wars mark the departure of Capitalism from democracy is not something that you will hear in the Corporate Media.  Step back and consider the Culture Wars objectively: they are created and inflamed by the Corporate Media, they provide weapons that can be used against any opponents. They destroy national cohesion and only democratic states are susceptible.

The Culture Wars are universally applicable.  As an example, if an organisation has several thousand members there will be at least one who has offended against an "ism".  This applies to Democrats, Labour, Tories etc.  The one member can then be portrayed as typical of the whole and the organisation can be dispatched to oblivion.  The charge of racism has been honed to be the most powerful so that it can be used against any democracy that defends its independence.  The Corporate Media can maintain the pressure against its enemies until they are weakened or finished.  Any appeal against this by the victims is simply not heard.

Culture War is the weapon of choice for Multinational Corporations such as Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Exxon, WPP etc. to use against the Democratic Nation State.  Why defend against the Australians or EU limiting your corporate power when you can demolish all of your detractors with accusations ranging from misogyny to out and out racism?  If a group comes cap in hand asking for you to limit your power you can just lob a Culture War bomb at them and detailed discussion is not needed.

This is a pivotal decade for the Western powers.  In the UK we need to bank the gains made on equality and change our focus to sustainability and strategic independence. Most importantly we need to realize that Multinational Corporations are our enemies and are influenced by hostile foreign powers.


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