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The Advantages of Remainer Globalism

By Dr John Sydenham

The current political conflict in the UK is between Remainers and Nationalists, not between the "Left" and the "Right".  The Nationalists see the UK as their home, a place that should be developed and guarded to preserve their own prosperity and culture.  The Remainers believe that prosperity and security can only be achieved on a global scale.  This conflict is also occurring in the USA, the American equivalent of the Remainers are called "globalists".

Globalists have caused the ecological crisis, including climate change. Just 100 companies, especially multinationals, are responsible for 71% of global CO2 emissions.   These corporations are the ones telling us that the damage can only be fixed on a global scale (by them).  The multinational corporations control the media and spend a lot of money on ensuring that they have strong political support.  Globalism is their favoured philosophy.

Globalism is a relatively new kid on the political block.  There are now globalists in all the main political parties although they are slowly being shaken out of the Conservative and Republican parties.  Globalists are everywhere, especially in the administration of government and the media. They form groups who "know best" and they cooperate behind the scenes to pursue their agenda.  In the UK these groups are coordinated by the "European Movement"  which is a Cold War, Deep State group that was set up to create the EU as a buffer against the USSR. (See Surprise! Surprise! The EU was Created by the USA).  They are the "deep state" mentioned by Boris Johnson.  Michael Heseltine, Ken Clarke, Lord Adonis, Stephen Dorrell are senior officials in the Movement and people like Tobias Ellwood are closely connected.  Nowadays they are deeply linked to globalist movements in the USA such as the Soros Foundations

If you do not believe that the Deep State has power and can enforce secrecy reflect on the fact that Ken Clarke was touted by the media as a caretaker prime minister and unity candidate during the furore of 2019 without any mention of the fact that he was Vice President of the European Movement at the time.  This suppression of the truth about his leadership of the most powerful pro-EU organisation in the world demonstrates real power to subvert.

What is globalism and why has it risen to dominate the "liberal" media?

Globalism began with expansion of the European Empires in the nineteenth century.  These empires sought to impose the European way of life on "backward natives" so that the corporations and colonists that traded with them could optimise their profits.

Nineteenth century globalism mainly benefited the corporations and the colonists.  The home countries of the empires were dependent on their domestic GDP.  The graph below shows how UK foreign trade was only significant after 1850.

Many people will look at the graph above and believe that it shows that foreign trade is responsible for 63% of UK GDP.  It does not show this.  The graph just measures trade in % of UK GDP, we could measure the GDP of Belgium in terms of % of UK GDP but this would not mean that 20% of the GDP of the UK is due to Belgium.  There are many factors involved in foreign trade that would have existed if the trade had been domestic.  The "advantage" of foreign trade is solely the factor that caused the foreign transaction (such as a subsidiary in Calais having stock).

About a third of foreign trade is required to obtain raw materials and fuel.  If this is the case then what is the other two thirds about?

If we want to understand the effect of foreign trade it is important to realise that trade is like a gas that will flow into the container that it is given.  When the UK opened its borders in the early 1970s British goods flowed out into the EU and EU goods flowed into the UK.

Once the essentials have been acquired the net benefit of foreign trade is zero compared with trading domestically.  The main effects of foreign trade are to make one group of people, the exporting and importing industry, prosperous at the expense of another group, the local economy, and to remove control of the economy from national governments.

The international traders are the core of the Remain/globalist supporters.  Globalism is still based on the idea that what is good for multinational traders and international banks is what is good for humanity .

The neutral economic effect of foreign trade on national wealth is very evident when trade value is compared with GDP per head across the world, each square on the graph below represents a separate country:

As can be seen, there is no clear correlation between foreign trade and national wealth for wealthy countries.

In wealthy countries, such as the UK, high foreign trade values do not result in automatic increases in national wealth.   In poor countries foreign trade does correlate with national wealth because some foreign trade is necessary to obtain raw materials and it creates the economic infrastructure necessary for any trade whether internal or external.

Given that balanced foreign trade is a dubious benefit to developed countries why is it always at the top of the media and political agenda?  The answer to this is straightforward: the multinational corporations, including the international finance industry, mediate foreign trade and they have enormous power.  They own much of the media and, being spread across the globe, have vast wealth.  The head offices of multinational corporations are in "developed" countries and provide funding and employment for the economists who advise government and fund the advertisements and broadcasts that skew national opinion.  Universities have become international businesses that train students to believe that internationalism is the only possibility for the world.

The UK is deeply involved with foreign trade because the British Empire was the biggest European empire and developed the networks that were subsequently used by the multinational corporations.

Even as late as the 1980s the multinational corporations were seen by many as a threat to the national economy but this changed as a result of the "Global Development Agenda". 

The Global Development Agenda occurred after the failure of the population control programmes of the late 20th century.  The reason for the population control programmes was that most models of the global physical, natural and social environment predicted that the world was headed for disaster in the twenty first century unless population growth was stopped. In the case of climate change the link between population and CO2 is obvious:

However, it is not just climate change that is adversely affected by overpopulation.  There are limits to growth:

The world is following the green curve of economic collapse after exponential growth.

The first response to this was a UN sponsored birth control programme.  This was appallingly administered and officially ended in the 1990s although it was dead at least a decade earlier.  It was known that as women became more prosperous and educated they tended to have smaller families so the "Birth Control Agenda" was changed to the "Development Agenda" and the "Third World" was renamed the "Developing World". The Development Agenda has also failed to control population growth.

The Development Agenda has increased global prosperity.   This increase in prosperity was mainly due to an increase in Western style education and values such as the rule of law rather than due to international trade: 

The graph of education vs GDP per capita shows a strong relationship compared with the graph of trade vs GDP per capita.  Notice that the UK seems to produce economically illiterate children compared with other countries.  The rule of law is also crucial:

Global economic development was the result of disseminating the Western values of education and law across the world.  Unfortunately this has not cured the population crisis, the ecological crisis or the climate change crisis.  It has made them worse.

The global Development Agenda has failed but it has handed enormous power to the International Traders such as the Multinational Corporations, including International Banks and Tech Companies, and China.

The Remainers and other globalists believe that there will come a time when there is a godlike, global government that will make the world a utopia.  The reality is that they have empowered Russia, China and India which all possess nuclear weapons and their own agendas.  Prosperity did not create democracies but instead created more powerful tyrannies.

The globalists thought that by making the whole world prosperous they would solve the disasters promised for the 21st century but we are now in the middle of an ecological crisis that is wiping out vast areas of natural land, reducing the amount of wildlife and creating visible global warming. The multinationals actively obstructed any action on global warming for at least a decade.   Make no mistake: globalism is destroying the world.  Globalisers are a destructive force, not just for humanity but for the planet.  The smug groups of globalisers are blind to what they have done and believe their own rhetoric.

Globalisation is a disaster.  Where once there were diverse peoples with diverse cultures there is now a Western monoculture over large areas of the world.  Where products were once produced locally they are produced piecemeal over the whole world so that supply chain disruptions such as COVID or the Ukraine war can create shortages and even starvation.

The worst problem with globalisation is that it has handed power to the global traders.  China and the Multinationals control the global media.  They have indoctrinated the West and many others with the "inevitability of globalisation" and the facetious concept of "the global community".   Globalisation was a deliberate policy and there is no global community, just people in competing States. 

Most Remainers are not evil, they are indoctrinated.  The multinationals and China have such a grip on the Western media and academic institutions that these bodies contain only one message: that globalism is the only way forward.

The only power that can now confront the Remainers and globalists is enlightened Nationalism.  This can roll back the influence of multinationals and billionaires and identify China as an existential threat to democracy in the world.  It can result in sustainable nations that can gradually reduce their populations to be in balance with nature.

The Remainers and globalists are fanatically against nations and borders.  These decrease the profits of international traders and favour local industry.  Their solution to the multiple crises that they have created is more of the same: more growth, more international trade, more development and more international control.   They seem unaware that our current crises are due to these policies.

Global politics is split between the Remainers/globalisers and those who believe in caring for their locality.  It is a split between the acolytes of the powerful and the independent People.  The next decade or so will determine who wins.  If the Multinationals win then we will have all lost and the fabric of the world will be massively damaged with China and the Multinationals ascendant.

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