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The 10 top Brexit lies

By Dr John Sydenham

We were seated in the sun and three of the company said that Brexit was the worst thing that had happened to them and that they were almost reduced to tears when they thought about it.  "It was all the lies!" and everyone nodded. One member of the company, who liked to live dangerously, said "What were the lies?".  People said "the bus", "vetoes", "trade", "the Russians" and so on.  But no-one could remember what was actually said.  When a normally quiet brexiteer piped up with "but trade with the EU occurs at a huge deficit" everyone shouted them down.

The group knew that the brexiteers were all liars and this gave them the right to shout down any opposition.  This is typical of what happens if people have been indoctrinated.  If there is no indoctrination people know why they support an idea and will discuss it, if there is indoctrination they just regard the enemy as evil.  If there is widespread indoctrination people will not even be aware of crucial arguments about an issue.

If you have been exposed to indoctrination you will probably stop reading here.  That is what indoctrination does to you.  We see this pattern with religious belief but it is increasingly occurring in politics as methods "improve".  Here is an example of an image used in a US social media campaign:

It has no rational detail but exploits indoctrinated individuals for whom the other side can be dismissed as evil.  These individuals will recoil from the "lies" of their opponents.

Indoctrination needs central command.  The UK Conservative Government led the Remain campaign so it is quite possible that indoctrination (psychological operations or "psyops") was used.  We know that the UK 77th Brigade has recently been used to counter COVID misinformation and this is relatively minor compared with the furore over Brexit.  The 77th Brigade was established in January 2015, ready for the Referendum.  Remember, it was Government forces that backed Remain, the Referendum was not an election so the Government deployed its might.

People are now displaying all of the symptoms of indoctrination, they resort to "racist lies" as their defence rather than being able to rationally defend their ideas and they feel unaccountably sad about leaving the EU.  This second, emotional reaction, is especially typical of indoctrination ("I feel sad but I don't really know why").

It is highly likely that UK, US and EU government resources were used throughout the period of the EU Referendum and very likely that US and EU psyops resources continue to be used to promote rejoining the EU.  The USA maintains a large psychological operations division (See US PSYOPS).

This is a very difficult problem to investigate because a sophisticated psyops campaign will begin by focusing on the "fact" that the other side is using psychological warfare.    The start of the investigation should expose what is known about this first phase of psyops.

Stage 1 of psyops.  Accuse the other side of psyops.

1. Brexit lie: That outside powers like Russia did not interfere in the Referendum

There was a torrent of accusations about Russian involvement on behalf of Leave but were these true?

Nick Clegg, one of the Remain leaders, said that there was no evidence of Russian interference in Facebook. 

Professor Laura Cram, director of neuropolitics research at the University of Edinburgh, found that there was little Russian influence on Twitter.  About 419 Russian accounts tweeted about Brexit a total of 3,468 times – mostly after the referendum had taken place... "the content of the Brexit tweets overall was “quite chaotic and it seems to be aimed at wider disruption. ".   About 78% of the tweets came after the Brexit vote on 23 June 2016 so less than a 1000 tweets came from Russia during the campaign. ( Guardian ) - 1000 out of millions of tweets.

Remain (UK/US/EU) Psyops countered this data by creating a story about how Russian involvement would be officially investigated and exposed.  Parliament would resolve the issue.  The resulting House of Commons' "Russia Report" is worth reading because it can find nothing of substance despite input from the UK security services.  It says that if you watched RT you would have had biased news but does not say that the Referendum was in some way fixed by the Russians.  RT was mentioned without noting that in June 2016 it was viewed by only 1.57% of the population.  The Russia Report was very disturbing because it was pure innuendo about the Referendum (check the link above) it offers no evidence but is widely believed to say that the "Russians did it".

It appears that Leave has a clean bill of health for outside influence but what of Remain?

Interference for Remain by the UK/EU/US Governments and media corporations on behalf of these governments is completely omitted by the media.  This is a red warning signal that something underhand happened.  Obama declared for Remain, the EU manipulated their media output, the UK Government sent a brochure to every house on behalf of Remain but none of this is ever discussed as interference in the Referendum.

There was a large amount of overt outside influence on behalf of Remain but what of covert influence?  Unfortunately covert state sponsored indoctrination is very difficult to investigate because it is covered by the Official Secrets Act.  However, there is clear evidence of psyops anti-brexit intervention as well as obvious foreign involvement.

The IEA Report: In Focus, the case for privatising the BBC has identified "Bias by Omission" as a major form of bias practised by the BBC. Of 4275 guests invited to speak about the EU between 2004 and 2015 on the flagship Radio 4 Today Program only 132 supported leaving the EU (3.2%) One third of the pro-withdrawal speakership was repeat appearances by Nigel Farage.  That the BBC, which is contractually obliged to be unbiased, was confident that it could campaign for Remain strongly suggests government intervention.

Twitter expelled huge numbers of Leave supporters and shadow banned Leave tweets.
It is interesting that about 15% of tweets for both Brexit and Remain were generated by automation (bots). (See Oxford Study).  In 2016 most of these were automated re-tweets. Nowadays AIs have made bots much more sophisticated but these were not available in 2016.

During the Referendum it was also clear that the European Movement in Ireland devoted considerable manpower to the Remain cause on Social Media.  The Irish European Movement is financed by the Irish Government (Accounts, see p12, para 5).  Irish input on social media was everywhere but has never been quantified or even discussed.

Tweets by foreigners in favour of Remain were far, far more numerous than any possible intervention by pro-leave outside actors. However, it seems that the media are happy for tens of thousands of tweets to come from Ireland but incandescent about hundreds coming from Russia. We should be deeply worried about these findings. 

The evidence for outside involvement on behalf of Remain is obvious, the USA, EU and UK Governments openly intervened and Twitter suppressed Leave.  Foreigners from all over the EU, especially Ireland, weighed in on social media on behalf of Remain.  That this huge involvement is ignored and conspiracy theories about the Russians were given vast media coverage strongly suggests psyops was operated on behalf of Remain (psyops only really works if it is run by governments). 

Remainers must know that this intervention by foreign governments and their psyops happened and the way they ignore it seems to prove indoctrination.  Despite this they really are outraged by their false belief that the "Russians did it" but they also believe that other foreign and government input on behalf of Remain was entirely acceptable.  Most Remainers are decent people and, in 2010, would have said that foreign involvement on any side in a British poll was unacceptable.  They have definitely been manipulated.

2. The Brexiteers used dubious funding (from the Russians)

Another "smoking gun" of official involvement in politics (psyops) is to use the courts to smear the opposition.  Opponents are charged and these charges are given huge publicity.  The actual court hearings are, if possible, delayed until after polling so that the electorate votes whilst believing that one side has committed criminal offences.

The Remain side took several Brexiteers to court.  Arron Banks was prosecuted for excess spending on the Referendum.   Darren Grimes (BeLeave) was also prosecuted. These cases had huge publicity when the charges were made so that people could see the wickedness and corruption.

Mr Banks' donation has been covered in the media as £8m rather than £2.9m.  £8m was indeed donated but only £2.9m was spent owing to the rules for spending limits. Banks was referred to the police for prosecution but the investigation was dropped by the Metropolitan Police.  There was no huge Arron Banks electoral fraud. Grimes was also exonerated. The wickedness and corruption was in the false prosecutions.

Even after the Referendum the Establishment were defending their own.  The leading Guardian journalist, Carole Cadwalladr, admitted to the court that she had lied when she publicly said that "On more than one occasion Mr Banks told untruths about a secret relationship he had with the Russian government in relation to acceptance of foreign funding of electoral campaigns in breach of the law on such funding".  She admits she lied. Bizarrely the court accepted that Cadwalladr, a leading Guardian journalist, had openly lied yet still dismissed Arron Bank's libel case.(See BBC Report)  The BBC report focused on the suffering that Cadwalladr had undergone to defend herself rather than the shocking lie that she perpetrated.  This confirms that something is deeply amiss in the BBC and the courts.

All Remain discussions of the Referendum routinely imply that the "Russians did it" despite all the evidence that they were scarcely involved.  I came across a typical example the other day, someone had read "Putin's People" and said it was evidence that the Russians were behind Brexit but the book only contains innuendo and only has 3 pages on Brexit.  It says that the Russians influenced Brexit repeatedly, without any evidence, then offers evidence about Trump's election as if that proves the case about Brexit. 

Remainers, surely, do not wish to be liars.  Their only defence is that they are indoctrinated and so accept innuendo supplied by psyops and do not rationally defend their beliefs. 

Stage 2 of Psyops

It can be seen that there is clear evidence of the first phase of a UK/US/EU psyops operation against the UK population.  The Leave campaign were branded as working for the Russians and running a psyops campaign.  Major broadcasters such as the BBC "no-platformed" Leave and major newspapers such as the Guardian employed journalists who simply lied to create a "Russian menace" story.

Having set the scene by accusing the other side of operating psychological warfare the next step of a psyops campaign is blatant disinformation.  An important step in this process in the UK is to control the BBC.  In 2014 David Cameron appointed Rhona Fairhead, an HSBC banker,  to run the BBC whilst still acting as audit director of the Swiss subsidiary of HSBC, the bank that massaged billions in corporation tax avoidance out of the EU (See  Rona Fairhead and the EU Tax Avoidance Scandal).  Fairhead was a fanatical pro-EU supporter.   The BBC Management became freed from any concerns about impartiality (See John Humphrys report).

3. Brexit lie: That the Referendum did not cause a huge crash in the pound.

The "crashing pound" was the most egregious psyops operation.  Prior to the EU Referendum there was a small, speculative surge in the pound followed by a sell off.  These movements had no effect on the long term trajectory of the pound:

Source: XE.COM

This shows that there was scarcely any fall in the pound as a result of the Referendum or Brexit.  The Balance of Payments determined the value of the pound rather than politics.

The BBC and Bloomberg etc. carefully disseminated a narrative of a catastrophic fall in the pound and selected graphics to "prove" this:

This was shocking disinformation.  Ask any Remainer and they will tell you that Brexit crashed the pound.

Try to spot the terrible crash of the pound due to Brexit in this graph of GBP vs US dollar (in fact the pound fell much more between 2012 and 2016 than it did after) :


This story is psyops greatest success.  Every Remainer is convinced that the pound crashed catastrophically because of Brexit.  It is an article of faith. Anyone can check the truth but they don't.  Remain voters can just click on to check that the fall in the pound in 2016 was no worse than in 2014, 2009, 2005 etc and much less than in 2008 or many other years.  But they won't because they are indoctrinated.  Remainers believe that Brexiteers who say the pound did not "crash" because of Brexit are liars.  Remain voters are indoctrinated - they have never checked the truth.  Why should they? They believe people who support Brexit are liars.

The story of the "crash of the pound" is clear psyops because it is an evident falsehood that is re-iterated from a whole range of US/EU/UK sources.  They know they are lying but have been persuaded to tell the lie.

4.  The EU removes our sovereignty and the vetoes don't work any more

Countering the "brexit lie" that sovereignty was being lost.

How many times have Remainers told Brexiteers that we are safe, we have a veto!  The truth is that after Lisbon 80% of EU legislation does not need a veto.  See "EU document: Voting System, Qualified Majority"  The Eurogroup countries that use the Euro set the agenda for all meetings and are in the majority.  Only 20% of votes allow vetoes, we still have the veto on one in five votes.

The media made no attempt to publicise this key point about our relationship with the EU and most Remainers still believe that the UK had a veto on most matters.

The problem of the veto is well known but a far more serious problem, the problem of "shared competences", was never discussed anywhere.  The Lisbon Treaty created a constitution for the EU where most of the powers of government are delegated by the EU to member states.  The EU can take these powers without further treaties when it desires.  The EU is leaving the power of government with the states until the time is right to take this power for itself.  Really, check the link above, Lisbon transferred most of the power of government to the EU and the EU immediately delegated it back to the States as "Shared Competences".

This key point about sovereignty was entirely omitted from all debate.  Ask any Remain voter about vetoes and shared competences.  They will say we had a veto when we mostly did not.  They will also have no idea that we had already ceded sovereignty to the EU but the EU was, as yet,  carefully not exercising its powers.   Remainers believed that there was no threat to sovereignty because they had been told there was no threat and the truth was suppressed. 

The media focus on sovereignty was entirely about migration and the Leavers were branded as racists.  Whatever the facts or policies required to deal with migration, the complete diversion of the debate about sovereignty into ID Politics strongly suggests psyops.  Psyops uses ID politics to polarise the population into "good" and "evil".

5.  Brexit lie: Trade with the EU was bad for the UK economy

Another clear indication of psyops was the debate on the economics of the EU.  The actual data for UK-EU trade was appalling.  The psyops teams knew this and launched "economic predictions" as the basis for discussions.  It is well known that economists cannot predict variables like GDP for more than two years into the future (See GDP predictions are reliable only in the short term (Economist Dec 15th 2018) ) but predictions became the media focus.  The media knew that these long term predictions could not be valid but publicised them as "expert truth".   The media ran day after day of negative predictions for Brexit without once telling the population what was actually happening to UK-EU Trade. 

You can see from the graph below why the real trading position with the EU was suppressed:

Source ONS: Balance of Trade with EU(L86i)

An £80,000 million deficit in trade with the EU would be enough to pay for half the NHS and is twice the defence budget each year!   We have paid for this huge deficit by removing all barriers to selling off our housing stock and industry to foreigners.  This has created a housing price boom (City AM Figures) that stops ordinary British people from affording homes. 

The BBC etc. did not give this any coverage. And still do not.  What is amazing is that Remainers are so indoctrinated that they are unable even to click on the ONS link above to check their beliefs.

6. That the Leave campaign spent only two thirds the amount of the Remain Campaign

The Brexiteers point to the Report on the regulation of campaigners at the referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union held on 23 June 2016 to "show" that Remain outspent Leave by millions.

Remain were tipped off by Cameron about the date of the Referendum and so Remain were able to spend an extra £13m before the official campaign period. Remain spent about £32 million on the campaign, not £19m, vs Leave's £13m. 

Most Remainers fervently believe that Leave had vast funding from the Russians etc. and this advantage "won it for Leave".  The true funding has never been covered in the media.

6.  The lies gave Leavers the edge

Source: What UK Thinks

This is the meanest "brexit lie" that Remainers nurture.  The steady tide of indoctrination between 2010 and 2016 led to Remain being slightly ahead in the polls in 2015.  ID Politics was used on a daily basis from 2010 to 2015 to brand Leavers as racist (which is classic psyops - polarise without debate).  This was after years in which Leave were ahead. David Cameron called a Referendum once Remain was ahead in the polls and the rest is history.

But Remainers believe fervently that most people backed Remain and it was just huge funding and media support for Leave and, of course, the lies that won it for Leave.  Lies like the Bus.

7. The Bus!

The Brexit Bus was the archetypal example of a "Brexit lie".  £350m a week is £18,200 m a year but the net UK contributions were only 50% of this figure!

The bus becomes clear when the contributions are analysed:

ONS Data

The UK was liable to send £18bn to the EU but this was reduced by a negotiated rebate of around £4bn and the EU spent over £4bn in the UK.   The Brexiteers saw liability for contributions to the EU as wholly unacceptable whereas Remainers were happy to renegotiate rebates and let the EU decide how to spend UK money within the UK and the EU.

So there really was a valid difference of opinion and viewpoint represented by the "£350m" figure on the bus.  Remainers were ready to be persuaded that only half of this was valid because the EU "let us" have a rebate of our own money and was welcome to spend UK money on EU projects in the UK.  Of course, Brexiteers strongly believed that the EU had no right to any of our money.

If we step away from the emotion and analyse the figures on the bus dispassionately two things are clear.  Firstly, the figure on the bus was devised by someone who passionately believed in leaving the EU.  They do not want any rebates, which they consider degrading and have no desire for EU projects in the UK that use UK money.  Secondly the figure on the bus is opposed by people who believe that the rebate should be ended and the UK adopt its full role in the EU.

Anyway we all know that Johnson was taken to court about this, proving the lie?  Fortunately the judge who heard the case instantly saw what was going on and the case against Boris Johnson was thrown out because it was clearly vexatious. (a vexatious action is brought without sufficient grounds for winning, purely to cause annoyance to the defendant).

The media gave very little attention to the acquittal although it initially covered the fact that the case was happening on prime time news.  So the media were also acting vexatiously.

The bus had little effect on opinion because Remain and Leave had almost identical rises in support after it appeared on 11th May, but it is  believed by Remain to be the biggest lie, the lie that swung it for Leave.

Remainers know this is true.  Even though they know rationally that a £350m a day gross contribution was the technical liability of the UK to the EU.   £350m a day is not a lie, it is one extreme view, the view that next year or a year later the rebate will end and the EU cannot be trusted to distribute funds fairly and without corruption.   But, but, but...its a lie the Remainer will still think, proving their indoctrination by rejecting a defensible viewpoint as "lying" rather than a point of view.

9.  Losing Horizon Research Funding

The Brexiteers said that the UK got less out of EU Research than the UK put in. However, the UK has continued funding the Horizon research program (Parliamentary Report).

The UK has been a net contributor to Horizon.  As Vivienne Stern, head of Universities UK said “If you assume the Horizon Europe budget is going to be around £80 billion, then we think our contribution would be £15.2 billion over the lifetime of the [seven-year] programme,” said Stern.

To make back this investment, the UK would need to win 16 per cent of the programme’s budget. “We currently win 12.7 per cent,” said Stern. “If we continue to participate [at this rate], there would be a net contribution over seven years of about £3 billion. Even we think that doesn’t look fair,” she said. Stern pleaded for the EU to come back with a better offer. (Science Business).

The EU is currently punishing the UK by witholding Horizon funds until the UK does what the EU wants

10 Northern Ireland Lies

Brexiteers refused to accept that the 1.8 million people in Northern Ireland were more important than the will of the 59 million people in England and Wales.  They knew that the Belfast Agreement (AKA Good Friday Agreement) was a treaty for eventually creating a United Ireland.  The Good Friday Agreement even contains a declaration by Ireland to this effect (the new Article 3 of the Irish Constitution).  Remainers believe that Brexit should not have happened because of NI but this is again indoctrination.  Northern Ireland is bound by International Treaty to eventually secede from the UK once demography has done its work.   Yet Remainers never check the facts (see Belfast Agreement) and just accuse Brexiteers of being liars.

The Republic of Ireland is persuading the EU to create as many problems as possible in Northern Ireland so that the day of union will come sooner.

Brexit lies about the success of leaving

Brexiteers claim that an independent UK supported the Ukraine before anyone else and saved Kyiv.  Reports such as: "Ukrainian soldiers have taken to shouting “God save the Queen” when firing anti-tank weapons provided by the UK that have proven pivotal in the defence of their country." (The Week) are ignored. 

Instead they believe that EU promises to discuss Ukrainian membership, with membership a possibility in 20 years time, is far more important.

The media failed to mention that the combined contributions in military aid of France, Germany and Italy are less than that of the UK:

Or that the EU is responsible for 61% of imports of oil and gas from Russia.  (BBC website).  Or that the 60 billion Euros of EU imports in 4 months is almost the same as the entire annual Russian defence budget (about 70 billion euros).  France has recently increased its imports (see BBC website.)

Yet Remainers seem blind to the failure of the EU.

President Zelensky said of the confidence vote for Johnson:  “Boris is supporting us. Boris is very concrete in supporting Ukraine. I do not know who was responsible for this decision yesterday but I’m glad we have not lost a very important ally. This is great news. That is all I can say.” (The Mail)  Still, Boris is now gone, the EU are pleased and the Russians are ecstatic.  Remainers say "Good riddance" and praise the EU.

The media tell us every day that there has been a huge decline in foreign labour, especially from the EU.  :

From an article in "The Conversation", May 18 2022, by Donald Houston, Professor of Economic Geography, University of Portsmouth and Paul Sissons, Professor of Work and Employment, University of Wolverhampton

The foreign workforce has increased and there are as many EU workers in the country as there were in 2019.  Brexit isn't reducing the workforce it is COVID, especially long COVID. However, psyops has done its work and even if they are presented with the truth about migration Remain voters will just deny it.

There has been no coverage at all of the fact that trade with the EU is regaining its balance so that "we" will not need to sell all of our assets such as businesses and houses to foreigners.  Ask someone who makes a profit from exporting to France, or uses cheap labour, or lives in the EU or makes a career from EU science what they think about this.   These are the people of wealth, power and influence who hope to overturn Brexit and they will entirely ignore the trade deficit and its consequences. 

In most political debates in a democracy the losing side should graciously concede.  But Brexit reduced us to tears.  All the lies.  We have been exposed to a level of media indoctrination seldom seen outside of absolute dictatorships.  When indoctrination reaches that level we witness tears, such as the tears of North Koreans when their great leader died or the mass mourning at Mao's death.  Brexit has evoked in us the typical "I am sad but I am not really sure why" response of people who have been indoctrinated.  But as you can see above, we do know why, every television program and our beloved Guardian newspaper tell us why: its all the lies.  The lies of these "left behind" racists will never stop our love for the EU whatever they trump up as arguments.  We are better than them.  We are Europeans.  Cut off the power to Jersey,  continue consuming Russian gas, allow housing to become too expensive for ordinary people etc.  These are just means to a glorious end: the EU.

Wake up.  The EU is just another country.  You have been indoctrinated.

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