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The Advantages of Brexit

A review of how Brexit has affected the UK since 2016. #brexit #euconstitution

Historical Liability

It is important for the UK to rebut the various claims that it is responsible for global warming as a "Nation". This is essential to stop the real offenders from getting away with continuing to emit CO2 #climatechange

A New BBC News

After 100 years of broadcasting the time has come to change the BBC. The BBC News is biased. Bias occurs using four techniques.. #BBC #BBCbias

The British Economy

Why the UK economy has failed to grow as fast as its G7 competitors. #uk #economics #growth

The Top 10 Brexit Lies

People are now displaying all of the symptoms of indoctrination, they resort to "racist lies" as their defence rather than being able to rationally defend their ideas and they feel unaccountably sad about leaving the EU. #brexit

Will AIs Rule the World?

AIs will not rule the world. It is the owners of the AIs who will rule and they are already winning. Yet we seem paralysed in the face of this threat. #AI #twitter #facebook

The Advantages of Remainer Globalism

The current political conflict in the UK is between Remainers and Nationalists, not between the "Left" and the "Right". #globalism #multinational #remainers

Who is Tony Blair?

Who is Tony Blair? Should more about the background of this icon of the Corporate Elite be mentioned next time he lectures the UK on the TV or radio? #tonyblair #blair #corruption

Devon - A Bronze Age Landscape

The Devon Lane: The banks are so high and the path so deeply cut that you might wonder whether your way is not just centuries but perhaps millennia old. #devon #bronzeage #landscape

Solar Power in the Home

Is it worth having solar power in the home? Setting up a fully independent home solar power system. #solarenergy #solarpower #solarpanels #offgrid

The Truth about COVID

How China and a group of scientists hid the laboratory origin of COVID and fooled us all. #COVID #China #labescape

A log of BBC Bias

A log of serious incidents of bias by the BBC recorded over a two week period. It includes audio clips of the BBC articles so that the bias is documented. #BBC #BBCbias

Brexit - The True Story

The campaign to create a European Union began after WWI. After the war the Germans were weakened and facing a growing threat from the USSR (The Communist Russian Empire). #eu #globalism

The Transaltlantic Slave Trade

About 12m Africans were shipped across the Atlantic over a period of 400 years (with most occurring in the 18th and 19th centuries). #slavery

The Mysteries of British History

British historians like to portray the Anglo-Saxons as primitives who lived in wooden huts. According to the myth these primitives were extremely lucky because the Normans came and within 100-200 years had built a church or cathedral in every town and village. #norman #saxon #uk

Social Media drives girls mad

NHS figures show that almost a quarter of 17 to 19 year old girls in the UK suffer from emotional disorders such as anxiety and depression... #depression #anxiety #socialmedia #twitter #facebook